Bambo Nature Training Pants


You can now choose a baby nappy that provides optimum comfort to your child without compromising your concern for the environmental impact of such products.
Bambo Nature features environmentally friendly state-of-the-art raw materials enabling ABENA to produce a slim and comfortable baby nappy without compromising its absorbency or functionality in general.


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BAMBO NATURE holds the prestigious Nordic Swan Eco label Рthe only baby nappy brand in the world to hold this label.
1. No optical brighteners or perfume used: No known substances that are harmful to baby’s health or the environment: Phthalates, Organotins, Heavy Metals, Chlorine, Formaldehyde, AZO Pigments, PVC. BAMBO NATURE is the only brand to declare what their nappies contain.
2. No use of moisturizing lotion is usually associated with a concoction of harmful chemicals.
3. A maximum level of renewable raw materials is used.
4. A minimum level of production waste is created in the manufacturing process.
5. There are criteria on factory emissions into the air, water, and land and reducing carbon dioxide pollution.
6. Approximately 80% biodegradable – more than three times as much as regular brands (disposable nappies approximately 500 years to degrade).
7. FSC labels mean that the fluff in BAMBO NATURE comes from sustainable forestry.
8. ABENA is a member of the clean shipping project.
9. All their packaging is recyclable and their carrier bags use recycled plastic.
10. Abena has designed an absorbent core with less SAP by using new technology with a wheat starch absorber. #newbornbaby #econappies

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Size 5: Junior Training Pants, Size 6: XL Training Pants 18kg+, 18's

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