Blom & Co Sleepy Soak


Bath salt that promotes relaxation and sleep, sooth and soften skin and promotes digestion

900g bag of soothing sleepy soak


“This soothing sleepy soak has been scientifically formulated with 100% natural and gentle ingredients.
Suitable for moms and babies to help sooth skin and muscles, promote relaxation and sleep.

Soothing sleepy soak uses natural forms of Magnesium which dissolves easily in your bath water, fully exposing and replenishing your body with this essential mineral. Taking regular Magnesium baths may increase magnesium levels, ease muscle tension, reduce inflammation, increase circulation, regulate digestion, promote relaxation, reduces anxiety and much more.

Fulvic acid is a natural compound derived from plants, its supercharged with a abundance of minerals and nutrients. It contains all of the protective substances from plants in a high concentration. Fulvic is extremely beneficial for skin, it doesn’t disrupt the skin’s natural balance, it’s also a wonderful treatment for sensitive skin due to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Probiotics are referred to as “” Good Bacteria”” or “”microbes””. These essential bugs exist to fight infections, thwart environmental damage, boost skin immunity, regulate pH levels, and keep our skin plump and dewy.

Grape seed oil is a gentle and soothing oil which helps to keep your skin soft and supple. Chamomile and Lavender oils are known to promote relaxation and sooth skin.

Magnesium Chrolide, Magnesium Sulphante, Sodium Bicarbonate, Grape seed oil, Chamomile oil, Lavender oil, Fulciv acid, Probiotics “